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Does your vehicle transmission stay stuck in gear?  Is your transmission slipping between gears?  Vehicle transmissions can develop a host of problems if not properly maintained.  A damaged vehicle transmission can cause your vehicle to stop dead in it's tracks.  And a damaged transmission can make unsettling noises.

Get your vehicle back in working order with the Car Clinic and Trucks Tootransmission repair.  From front seal leaks to transmission fluid changes, we’ll make sure your transmission works properly.  We provide transmission repair for automatic and manual transmissions.


  • Gives your vehicle more acceleration and power
  • Automatic and manual transmission repair
  • Transmission fluid checks and changes for a smoother running transmission
  • Repair for transmission pan leaks
  • Torque converter repair and installation
  • Removes transmission noises for quieter drives


Transmissions are one of the most critical systems of any car.  Without a transmission to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels, you could go through a thousand gallons of gas without moving an inch.

You need to keep a careful eye on the performance of your transmission to make sure that it is not in need of service or repair.

Some symptoms that might indicate your transmission is in need of repair or service include:  slipping in between gears where you will feel the car slow before the transmission fully engages and your transmission not engaging at all unless you let your foot off the gas peddle.


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