Blown Head Gasket Repair • Head Gasket Replacement

blown-head-gasket-repair-puyalupDid you know that blown head gasket repair, if not tended to right away, can lead to extremely costly repairs for your engine?

Head gasket replacement might cost a little bit of money, but if it is ignored you will find yourself paying for an entire replacement engine.

The Car Clinic and Trucks Too is proud to offer you blown head gasket repair at affordable prices.

We have over 50 years of experience in head gasket replacement and are fully equipped to conduct blown head gasket repair on cars and trucks of all makes and models.

  • Blown Head Gasket Repair for Nearly All Makes & Models
  • Damaged Head Gasket Replacement for All Sizes of Engines
  • 50 Years of Experience in Head Gasket Replacement

Let the pro’s at the Car Clinic and Trucks Too take care of all of your blown head gasket repair needs!

Head gaskets sit between your engine block and your cylinder head, which is at the top of your pistons path. It seals the space in between the engine block and the cylinder head.  head-gasket-repair-acura-mazda-nissan-saturn-puyallup-wa


The quickest way to tell if you are in need of blown head gasket repair is to look at your oil. If your oil looks slightly milky then you are in need of head gasket replacement.


When you are in need of blown head gasket repair, the first thing that can happen is antifreeze starts to leak into your engine oil. As it continues to circulate through the engine, it mixes with your oil and creates a milky tint to it.


Another way to tell if you might be in need of blown head gasket repair is to check while your engine is running, if excessive amounts of steam seem to be mixed with your muffler exhaust.

Car Clinic and Trucks Too has been taking care of all of your blown head gasket repair needs for years and will have your vehicle back up and running in no time.

Head Gasket Replacement


Head gaskets are typically built from multiple layers of steel and are extremely durable. They are built to these exacting standards due to the rigors of todays driving, compression levels, and high performance engines. But because of this, when your car needs head gasket replacement, huge levels of engine damage aren’t far behind if it is ignored.

Car Clinic and Trucks Too uses nothing but high quality parts for your head gaskets to ensure your vehicle is protected from another blown head gasket repair.

If your vehicle needs to have head gasket replacement done, call the experts at Car Clinic and Trucks Too. With our superior level of service, our commitment to excellence in workmanship, and our high level of expertise, you can rest assured that your head gasket replacement is in the best of hands.

Blown Head Gasket Repair

If an engine starts to over heat, it is often your head gasket that suffers. Once a head gasket is damaged, it will not just fix it self over time. You need to call the Car Clinic and Trucks Too, and bring your vehicle in for blown head gasket repair. head-gasket-replacement-puyallup-wa

With our blown head gasket repair service, we will not only do the head gasket replacement, but we also check your entire engine block and heads surface for other signs of damage or stress.

Our goal is not only to provide a great blown head gasket repair service, but also to ensure that your vehicle stays working well for you for years to come.

The professionals at the Car Clinic and Trucks too want to show you the meaning of service.

Call us today for all of your blown head gasket repair needs!

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