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Your alternator helps to provide electricity for all the electronics in your vehicle as well as maintains a constant charge to your vehicles battery. 

Alternators can become worn over time and function poorly or stop functioning all together. At first you may not realize your alternator is having problems. But there are some clear signs of alternator problems. The obvious one is when your alternator light flashes on the dashboard or you notice that your battery charge gage is reading lower than normal. This means you need to have it checked at Car Clinic and Trucks Too right away. Alternators can make rattling noises or even weird squeaks and squealing noises. These noises can caused by a worn out alternator belt.

The biggest result of problems with your alternator will be the electrical components of your vehicle. These include dimming car lights, power locks, windows and mirrors and eventually even the operation of your motor functions. If your alternator is going bad, your battery starts to lose power. Leave it unrepaired and you can end up stranded on the side of the road. Bring your alternator in to us at Car Clinic and Trucks Too. We offer fast and affordable alternator repair.

  • Alternator repair and installation
  • Foreign and domestic alternator repair
  • Helps ensure your vehicle accessories keep working properly
  • Battery recharging, so your car stays powered
  • Decreases the chances of you being stranded
  • Alternator belt repair and installation


Driving around with a worn out alternator that is never fully charging your vehicles battery is like driving around with a ticking time bomb. You never quite know when it will fail completely and leave you stranded somewhere. Dont trust your important and busy schedule to an old alternator. Call Car Clinic and Trucks Too today and let us put our years of alternator repair experience to work for you. We'll make sure your alternator never leaves you stranded. We are the best that Pierce County has to offer!


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